Exploring the Delights of Rivergate Marina & Shipyard Brisbane

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Welcome to the enchanting world of Rivergate Marina Brisbane, a haven for superyacht enthusiasts seeking unparalleled experiences. Nestled along the picturesque Brisbane River, this hidden gem offers much more than meets the eye. Prepare to embark on a journey as we uncover the fascinating aspects of Rivergate Marina, including its state-of-the-art marine shipyard, the vibrant Rivergate Precinct, and delightful secrets that make this marina truly unique.

The Rivergate Shipyard

Let’s set sail on our exploration of Rivergate Marina’s well-kept secret—the marine shipyard. This exceptional facility serves as a treasure trove of services for maintaining and refitting superyachts. Skilled technicians and specialized contractors stand ready to handle everything from hull repairs to engine maintenance, ensuring your vessel remains in shipshape condition. Need a touch-up or spray painting done? The shipyard even offers painting and interior renovations to make your yacht shine like a polished gem. Utilising a 300T or 75T travellift. Rivergate’s marine shipyard is a sanctuary of expertise and top-notch services, guaranteeing a smooth sailing experience.


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The Marina

The Rivergate Marina in Brisbane boasts an expansive marine yard that caters to all your storage and maintenance needs. Whether you require short-term or long-term storage, this secure and dedicated space will keep your vessel safe. With 8 designated superyacht berths there is ample room to maneuver, you can perform essential maintenance tasks and prepare your ship for its next high-seas adventure.  The marine yard goes beyond expectations, offering various marine services and a gallery cafe.  Rivergate Marina’s marine yard preps your vessel to have it ready to set sail.

The Rivergate Advantage

Now, let’s navigate our way to the vibrant Rivergate Precinct in Murarrie, where Rivergate Marina casts its spell. This prime location offers more than just picturesque river views. The neighboring area boasts a bustling hub of world-class restaurants, charming boutique shops, and recreational facilities that awaits your exploration. It’s a treasure trove of experiences just waiting to be uncovered. And fear not, adventurous souls—Rivergate Marina and Shipyard is conveniently situated with access to major transportation hubs, a short drive across the Gateway bridge up to the Brisbane Airport and major highways. Your journey begins seamlessly from the moment you step ashore. See more info here and download Rivergate’s Visitors guide.

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Secrets and Surprises

Rivergate Marina Brisbane has not only hosted prestigious events and regattas but has also become a vibrant hub of excitement and camaraderie. It’s a place where yacht enthusiasts from around the world gather, swapping tales of grand adventures and forging lifelong connections. The marina’s magnetic atmosphere creates an extraordinary sense of community among fellow seafarers, turning strangers into friends over a shared love for the open waters.


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As we navigate the final stretch of our journey, Rivergate Marina Brisbane stands as a testament to the allure of the superyacht lifestyle. From its cutting-edge shipyard and expansive marine yard to its prime location in the dynamic Rivergate Precinct, this marina offers an array of captivating experiences for discerning seafarers. With its commitment to sustainability, collaboration with local organizations, and vibrant atmosphere, Rivergate Marina Brisbane remains a true gem in the world of superyacht destinations.