MMA use only the best paint coatings

Paint Coatings

High grade commercial paints

Paint coatings are all over our market. However MMA only use the best, from topshelf  ‘Awgrip/ Awlcraft, Sterling, and Alexseal’  To high commercial paints, ‘Jotun Imperite and Internationals Interspray 900. As Captains and Owners Reps, throughout the Globe, use a certain brand that they are familiar with, we respect their decisions and apply the paint systems they specify.

With an “unknown” MMA will familurise by using the product on our 30 foot test panels and also by theory.

Painting is a delicate procedure, systems need to be applied to specification, depending on the substrate of your vessel’

And this needs to be achieved from the first second of preparation. If not as captains all over the world have discovered.